#STFN – Network for 18 to 25 year olds.

Scottish TV & Film Youth Network #STFN

The first meeting of the #STFN was on Thursday 28th March where 30 young people met people from across the Scottish TV & Film industry including:

ProCam, Production Attic, Artem, Mediadog, Film City Futures, Supply2locationScotland,

The #STFN was set up by GBM Casting working alongside      #STFN Ambassadors: Kevin, Luke, Georgia, Lewis and Ayanda  (from left to right) to bring like minded creative people together.

After listening to the feedback from the Glasgow meeting the plan is to have an Edinburgh meeting by the end of May. So, watch our social media channels for details.

The #STFN is a NETWORK for  PEOPLE AGED 18 – 25 and our 

To provide a network where young people can connect to the Scottish Television and Film Production industry to find information, opportunities and employment

To connect young people to the TV and Film industry in Scotland .
Provide a space for young people to meet, network and make connections
Create a place for people to find people they can work with and learn from
Showcase young peoples creativity, skills and talent.

Glasgow and Edinburgh on a quarterly basis

Raise awareness of the network
Advise on what is relevant and of interest to young people
Agreeing what the content of each network event would be
Post regularly on the #STFN, Twitter and liked Facebook page – both positive and challenging experiences
Post ‘Bites of Interest’ on the #STFN and GBM Casting Youtube channel

Till we get the #STFN channels up – please watch our social media channels for updates.

It was great to meet everyone who came to the first #STFN meeting.



Sarah Lauder


“I have worked with Graeme and his team at GBM casting for several years and have always found them a joy to work with. Once briefed they deliver a range of possible cast members quickly and if they don’t happen to have the right type on their books they will do their best to find that person elsewhere.

GBM work to my sometimes ridiculous tight timescales and even tighter budgets and I really get the impression that they know something about the people on their books (which is backed up on set when the cast talk about GBM)

The talent from GBM has always arrived promptly, been personable and at ease and know what is expected of them on set.

I can heartily recommend them for any casting requirements.”