The Perfect Online Profile – will get you work!

The Perfect Online Profile will get you more work!

Here is your GBM Casting guide to the perfect online profile to help you maximise the amount of work offers you get.

Here are 5 facts for you to consider when you are wondering why you are not getting as much work as you would like:

1. POP is a piece of software that GBM Casting uses to quickly search on behalf of productions.

2. GBM Casting uses POP software to match people, based on the details in their online profile, to productions background requirements.

3. If you have minimum details in your GBM Casting profile you will get minimum job offers.

4. People with up to date, clear and natural photographs always get the job.

5. NO GBM Casting photos. NO job.

What we are emphasising here is your profile is the key to getting work. Because when we search everyone’s GBM profiles – only the people who have the details in their profiles will come up in the search and be contacted for work.

Therefore, minimum details in your profile will lead to you missing out on job offers as POP can’t find you.

So, how do you create the perfect profile?

Simply, by ensuring all the categories shown below are packed full of details. Updated on a regular basis

Of the categories shown above the list below is what GBM Casting is asked to provide every time. However, these are also the areas where people have put in the least information.

The hint here is to please ensure the following information is in your profile!

All of them!
As we get asked for them all the time.

Ethnic look, hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, build, piercings, tattoos

Casting Information
Acting, qualified professional, other career experience, skills, languages, accents, pets and licences.

Contact details
Up to date contact details including email and mobile phone number.

Accessing your profile is really easy – just login via Then click the login button in the top right hand corner.

Go on! Help us get you work.
It will make us very happy.



Sarah Lauder


“I have worked with Graeme and his team at GBM casting for several years and have always found them a joy to work with. Once briefed they deliver a range of possible cast members quickly and if they don’t happen to have the right type on their books they will do their best to find that person elsewhere.

GBM work to my sometimes ridiculous tight timescales and even tighter budgets and I really get the impression that they know something about the people on their books (which is backed up on set when the cast talk about GBM)

The talent from GBM has always arrived promptly, been personable and at ease and know what is expected of them on set.

I can heartily recommend them for any casting requirements.”