Working with GBM Casting will bring the following advantages to productions of all sizes:

Eco friendly: Seamless, simple and not a sheet of paper in sight.

Time saving: with on-set sign in and wrap out, queues are significantly reduced. For example, on HBO Succession a single person was able to wrap out 100 artists with no queue and no paper!.

Money saving: Shorter or no queues result in monies saved on both artist and production overtime.

Flexible: Chitless works offline so no need to pre-print out crowdlists or prep or process pile of release form (chits)

See paperless technology sometimes referred to as chitless in action.

Transparent and Accurate: Improves payment process across multiple departments in the production: Agents, ADs, Accounts and Artists, with a transparent payment flow for all parties involved.

POP software puts GBM Casting and productions one step ahead of the game.

Cristin Mackenzie

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help with the casting!
The quality of the people you were provided were excellent and a cut above the other agencies. Really impressed and grateful!