People from the Same Households

GBM Casting are looking for people from same households to register with us. This can be a mix of anyone and everyone who is interested in working alongside you: spouse, partner, brother, sister, flatmate, father, mother, son and daughter.


To help keep production sets COVID-19 secure & productions often ask for families as it looks more authentic on film and in photos.

It is really easy to do.

Register with us here

In the Casting Information section scroll down to Registered Family and in the space provided type the name and ID number of the people who are registered with GBM Casting.

For Example

A photograph of you and your family and/or household members is also a great thing to add to your profile. Simply upload a photo to the ‘Your Family’ section.

We would also encourage all our listed talent to check their profiles to make sure that members of their family and household are also populated in the family section.

Do not forget that the perfect profile gets you worksee the GBM Blog for hints and tips

Cristin Mackenzie

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help with the casting!
The quality of the people you were provided were excellent and a cut above the other agencies. Really impressed and grateful!