GBM Casting & COVID-19

In light of the current situation with COVID-19, we wanted to share an update on what we as a business are doing.

GBM Casting is open for business and currently casting for a wide range of projects and productions in development and filming in Scotland.  

Our biggest priority is the health and safety of our community and we are paying close attention to Government updates.

All productions are adhering to strict production guidelines. If you are booked you will be required to take a C-19 test in advance of your shoot day. You are not required to arrange this. Productions are making C-19 test arrangements.

If booked you will also be required to wear a mask at all times while on set and in-between takes.

We are advising everyone to take their own food/snacks and a water bottle labelled with their name.

The GBM Casting team would encourage everyone to use this time to ensure their profiles are up to date to enable us to cast with confidence. You are only as good as the information in your profile and photo. See our recent blog the-perfect-online-profile-will-get-you-work  Productions need to book you with confidence as all your profile information is up to date.

Also, as per the guidance from Casting Directors Guild (CDG) the time has come to hone your self tape skills. Guide-for-Self-Taping.pdf

Please free to keep in touch with us!

The GBM Team are keen to keep in touch with everyone and make best use of this downtime. Please send us your ideas, self tapes, showreels and updated photos – this will let us keep up to date and get to know everyone on our books even more.

Stay well and best wishes

Graeme Irenée and Fiona




Sarah Lauder


“I have worked with Graeme and his team at GBM casting for several years and have always found them a joy to work with. Once briefed they deliver a range of possible cast members quickly and if they don’t happen to have the right type on their books they will do their best to find that person elsewhere.

GBM work to my sometimes ridiculous tight timescales and even tighter budgets and I really get the impression that they know something about the people on their books (which is backed up on set when the cast talk about GBM)

The talent from GBM has always arrived promptly, been personable and at ease and know what is expected of them on set.

I can heartily recommend them for any casting requirements.”