Highlights of 2018.

Here are a few GBM Casting highlights from 2018:

Being part of a thriving Scottish TV and Film Industry
2018 saw us continuing to work alongside all productions and 2ADs who keep the industry alive and kicking.

Biggest Challenge of 2018
GBM Casting were the sole supplier to the feature film Marionette filmed in Portsoy and Aberdeen. This saw us running pop up castings in the North East of Scotland to ensure local people had the opportunity to be involved in the film.

Having chitless also know as paperless technology allow the 2AD and Crowd Coordinator on the production to check people in online and avoid having to spend time on release forms and invoicing.

See Chitless technology in action

Most amusing job of 2018
Facebook Live Ad for Innes and Gunn, Mangoes on the Run Mango IPA. This job saw our SAs as human fruit machines in orange morph suits.

Bringing in the Prestigious Brands
Seeing Constance on the Talisker Whisky ‘Wild Spirit’ advert filmed in the Isle of Skye.

Talent not Credits – Supporting Scottish talent
GBM Casting was proud to see the amazing talent of Emma Snellgrove as Mary Queen of Scots and Gordon Millar as Walter of Atholl on BBC Scotland Rise of the Clans.

And not forgetting Deborah as The Permanently Furious Security Guard on BBC Scotland Chase the Case https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMHviCvzoT8

Supporting the Scottish Film Talent Network
2018 saw Alison Piper direct Duck Daze a black comedy drama. GBM Casting were proud to help Alison reach her crowd funding goal.

Sarah Lauder


“I have worked with Graeme and his team at GBM casting for several years and have always found them a joy to work with. Once briefed they deliver a range of possible cast members quickly and if they don’t happen to have the right type on their books they will do their best to find that person elsewhere.

GBM work to my sometimes ridiculous tight timescales and even tighter budgets and I really get the impression that they know something about the people on their books (which is backed up on set when the cast talk about GBM)

The talent from GBM has always arrived promptly, been personable and at ease and know what is expected of them on set.

I can heartily recommend them for any casting requirements.”