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“I have worked with Graeme and his team at GBM casting for several years and have always found them a joy to work with. Once briefed they deliver a range of possible cast members quickly and if they don’t happen to have the right type on their books they will do their best to find that person elsewhere.

GBM work to my sometimes ridiculous tight timescales and even tighter budgets and I really get the impression that they know something about the people on their books (which is backed up on set when the cast talk about GBM)

The talent from GBM has always arrived promptly, been personable and at ease and know what is expected of them on set.

I can heartily recommend them for any casting requirements.”

Our Reviews

Great - good communication.
Fantastic agency to work for I was happy to be given the opportunity for playing a double on crime for a photo shoot that I did, which was brilliant. Also been twice working on River city which has been absolutely by far an amazing experience. I have met wonderful and heart warming and amazing and wonderful people on set and I’ve been blessed with having worked on river city from yesterday which was an absolute wonderful experience itself. Gbm Casting are wonderful people to be around! :)
Great team of supporting artists. Love meeting new ones on set.
Always available for help and direction. Over many years I have had fun, met interesting people and most importantly had fun.
I have had loads of work with them i am now a supporting actor
I moved casting agencies over to GBM and found them extremely professional and friendly. I have enjoyed the SA jobs so far with GBM and would recommend to anything thinking of joining :) x
I've been with GBM a few years now .nothing but praise for the team .always easy to contact .and keep you informed . I've had many jobs with them .highlight so far getting to stand next to Brian Cox the actor for 2 hours chatting about the city Dundee while filming succession
I have been a GBM member for a few years now, On my last gig /job i met some amazing SA's also the writer of the series came and sat with us and told us how she enjoyed our performances. What a team GBM have ,
Excellent Casting Company,very understanding of all issues I find them very professional😊 very good customer service, no issues with communication on your behalf with production company , they day and do what it says on the tin representActors & SA'sThanksChris Ifalafose
Just want to say a huge thank you for the opportunity as an extra on Set, it was an amazing experience and look forward to future bookings. The team are courteous, professional and efficient and always happy to help.
As a film student I found GBM casting to be incredibly helpful with my project. They are more than willing to help the next generation of young filmmakers. I would highly recommend to any young filmmakers who are looking for professional actors to contact GBM.
Superb Company to work with! Very professional and orginised Indeed. Looking forward to continued work with them in 2022! HIGHLY RECCOMEND 👍
Friendly people and great service
Brilliant company to be with. Lots of of fantastic opportunities and the team members are always very kind, professional and quickly responsive.
So welcoming and got a lot of work over 2 years with them, even if you don't get much its not the agent's its at the casting director's discretion to pick.But fantastic couple at GBM, nothing is ever to much for them.Always there if you need them on the phone.Not just an agent but they like to get to know you and build a friendship with you too. Xxx
I've worked with GBM Casting a fair few times now and I can only speak words of praise. They are professional and hard working in supporting you as an SA and performer. Constantly putting you forwards for all potential jobs and opportunities. They take the care of meeting their candidates in person to create a rapport and good working relationship from the get go, helping you get what you want out of the industry. Plus unlike other companies they take only a small annual fee which goes towards a photoshoot at your first meeting, ensuring you look your best for casting directors. Additionally their fees from any work you successfully book are the lowest in the game, ensuring you get the most income for your hard work on set.Could not recommend GBM enough, if you want to get on set, be an SA and maybe go beyond that, GBM are the best agency to register with.
Fantastic company to work for and they are also a lovely team as well
Excellent casting agency, Graeme runs a tight ship.
Great bunch of people to work with, highly recommend for those wanting to be involved in tv and films, always a joy working with GBM.
Great people who have created a platform of opportunity amongst individuals that are interested in background artistry, TV and film. Great casting agency to work for
Fantastic company to work with and for.
I thought I needed to leave one more review after seeing what was left here for GBM on google.I’m within my first 12 months with GBM and Ive finally found an agency that understands me as a dance artist. I’m used to dance companies and productions, so working with Netflix via GBM was new to me but GBM sealed the experience.Fiona and the team are always great with correspondence and understanding. Such an amazing company that helped me meet one of my all time role models, on an amazing set, whilst meeting and re uniting with the best of friends within an amazing industry.Thanks again for all you do at GBM Fiona and Graeme X
I worked with GBM Casting initially for a professional dance job which allowed me to meet amazing actors/actresses whilst working with a global, recognisable production company.The team are also quick to respond and assist you. Great company to be a part of - friendly and amazing experience!
I worked with GBM Casting initially for a professional dance job which allowed me to meet amazing actors/actresses whilst working with a global, recognisable production company.

The team are also quick to respond and assist you. Great company, great work and great friendly experience! Thank you.
GBM Are a first class agency very honest and fair . friendly approch to all
Great company who helped me cast background extras for my student short fim for free without any hassle or fuss. Would definitely recommend. Lovely and friendly too.
I've been with GBM for around 3 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. Not only are the team fantastic, down to earth and welcoming but their knowledge of the industry is second to none. Thanks to them I have had some fantastic experiences and made wonderful connections. I could not recommend them enough
I've been with GBM for around 3 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. Not only are the team fantastic, down to earth and welcoming but their knowledge of the industry is second to none. Thanks to them I have had some fantastic experiences and made wonderful connections. I could not recommend them enough
Very understanding agencie , they go out there way for you and they are loyal to there word.Have got a lot of work from them and they are always in contact with there acts,Top agent xxxPs Stephanie Wright
Heres a true honest opinion of GBM, my names steven and i have been with GBM since 2018, i have alot of respect for the work they do for me to try and get me work as an SA. Since joining i have been put forward for lots of stuff. Most of which i am unsuccessful, i have though been successful for 8 different projects and 3 different projects in the last 6 days. I cant thank GBM enough and would highly reccommend giving them a call.
Today I met with Fiona for registration and photo shoot, and I am absolutely delighted to join GBM! Very easy to talk to, but most importantly - she is very passionate and keen to give young artists a chance to network and get opportunities in a hard to break into industry. We certainly need more people like Fiona to create opportunities for artists, they wouldn't otherwise find. Also, the other lady was lovely and thorough with explaining everything about GBM. Ross the photographer was easy going too. I look forward to seeing the photos! very much look forward to working with GBM and meet the rest of the team.
I joined with GBM casting few months ago and have had a lot of opportunity for extra roles, GBM is one of Scotland’s most successful talent agencies and I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of joining, such a lovely team and very professional , with excellent communication . Irene’e , Graeme and Fiona are doing a fantastic job , it’s a pleasure to be part of their agency.
Had an excellent day at my first job with GBM! As a newbie, the team made sure I was looked after by an experienced SA on the day and the communication was superb throughout. Would highly recommend and looking forward to getting more jobs and experience!
Professional and well established company with links locally and nationally. I have found Graeme and Fiona extremely helpful and accessible. Within Scotland there is no better agency to get work and at very good rates.
fantastic team. very polite and friendly made me feel very welcome
Very friendly ,welcoming and down to earth atmosphere . Loved my first stint as an SA !
Really enjoyed my first job as an SA, thanks to this very friendly down-to-earth agency . I felt valued and looked after from start to finish. Sarah Cooper (nee Miller)
At my registration and photo shoot I found the team very welcoming and professional, as I look forward to new and exciting experiences with them.
Very friendly, informative, well organised. Looking forward to working with them.
Fantastic professional and definitely look after their staff highly recommend GBM casting
I had great time today in the morning. Lovely people, happy for the future collaboration !
Very professional service delivered by graham and Fiona.
Friendly, proactive agency with client's interest at heart.
Good people to work with very friendly
GBM casting are fantastic to work for, I highly recommend them to any aspiring supporting artists.
Had great times via GBM in business👍
Fantastic and professional.
You are a scottish based casting agent and keep us well informed of any thing going on in Scotland
Recommended, top casting company
Very nice people.. very welcoming and friendly, with a professional flair. Highly recommend the company
A great couple of days in Edinburgh on the set of Clique .
I'm with GBM and greame and fiona are extremely nice people as far as getting offers I get put forwards for far as being picked or not that's not gbms fault its up to the casting director on a working with the GBM team
Been with GBM for a few years now, and cannot recommend it highly enough. Graeme and his team are professional ,and very effective in providing a great casting service.
Great Agency to work with.