TV Extras Wanted!


TV Extras Wanted!

GBM Casting supplies Background Artists, also know as Extras, to TV & Film productions in Scotland.

The first step in to SIGN UP with us at

Signing up will set up your personal online GBM profile. All the details in your GBM profile are secure and private.

The information in your GBM profile allows us to match you to jobs and contact you directly by email and/or text.

To get paid work with GBM no experience is required. Also,

  • You do not need to be available on a full time basis
  • Your own transport is an advantage
  • You need to have the Right to Work in the UK
  • You need to be aged 16 plus

What Happens Next?

In normal circumstances we would invite you to a photoshoot so you can meet the GBM team and get professional photos taken.

However, just now we are accepting good clear colour natural selfies. This is really important as we need to know what you look like so productions can book you with confidence.

If you have any questions we would be happy to help. All questions are important so our office number is 01505 851156

I look forward to meeting you and offering you work.



Sarah Lauder


“I have worked with Graeme and his team at GBM casting for several years and have always found them a joy to work with. Once briefed they deliver a range of possible cast members quickly and if they don’t happen to have the right type on their books they will do their best to find that person elsewhere.

GBM work to my sometimes ridiculous tight timescales and even tighter budgets and I really get the impression that they know something about the people on their books (which is backed up on set when the cast talk about GBM)

The talent from GBM has always arrived promptly, been personable and at ease and know what is expected of them on set.

I can heartily recommend them for any casting requirements.”